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  1. December 15 2016
    Rock jam feat. remix by AirFlow on Guitar Track # 92734
    by Major 3rd & AirFlow
  2. December 14 2016
    World jam feat. remix by AirFlow on Guitar Track # 92650
  3. December 02 2016
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by AirFlow on Sequencer Track # 91448
    In Peace
    by AirFlow & AirFlow

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Fender Stratocaster E-Guitar, Gibson Les Paul, Segoria Acoustic Guitar, Yamaha Keyboard, 12-string Yamaha acoustic guitar

recording devices

Sound Interface: Tascam US-122
Audio Recording: the t.bone SC 400, Shure SM 57
DAW: Ardour, Reaper, Audacity
Speakers: TANNOY REVEAL 501A

VOX AC 30 tube amp, 10 Watt tube amp refined by Larry with Jensen C10Q Ceramic Vintage 8Ohm Speaker, Harley Benton VT-30 Tube Amp

AV Linux, VOX Tonelab LE, VOX ICE9, MXR Micro Amp, VOX Wah, EH Little Big Muff, Artex Big Dots, MOOER Effects and more Audacity, Hydrogen, Line6-MM4,


May 29 1968

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public Uploads: 478
Fans: (received thumbs)6,358
given thumbs: 6,332
written Comments: 3,100
Forum posts: 52
received Remixes: 612
total plays:1,234,452
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