Insanity  ...unleached
Insanity ...unleached


  1. March 19, 2023
    Metal jam feat. Anrak on Bass Track # 265606
    Empty Sarcophagus [bass add]
  2. November 27, 2022
    Metal jam feat. Anrak on Bass Track # 257077
    Mauled by kittens (bass add)
  3. October 9, 2022
    Metal jam feat. Anrak on Bass Track # 253516
    Entering Hades Doors (Add bass)
  4. September 16, 2022
    Metal jam feat. Anrak on Bass Track # 252097
  5. March 14, 2022
    Rock jam feat. Anrak on Bass Track # 239983
    rock melon (bass add)
    by frogstompe & Anrak


What is there to report? Have played since my youth. At that time it seemed convenient to me to choose a stringed instrument with 4 strings. Slowly working my way up now.

My big heroes in youth were Robert Trujillo (very important Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves), Art Liboon (Mordred, great bass player and not sufficiently appreciated in my opinion). As the years went by, they got quieter. Great bass fiddling took place only rarely. Influences changed. Alternative Country, Cash, Buckethead, Mastodon and Stone Sour, and everything in between like ASG, Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster. Just to name a few important companions.

Once upon a time, maybe being on stage was a drive. Then change of town. Now the bass stood around for a long time until my old guitarist followed me and knocked on the door one day. And then it starts again. Today I'm glad I don't have to go up there anymore. How times change....


only Basses: Gibson Les Paul (5 Strings), Thunderbirds (4/5-String), Manic (5 Strings, Headless), Rickenbacker, Ibanez

recording devices

Kemper, Bitwig, Linux

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public Uploads: 191
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total plays:42,604
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