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Gone on the final tour
We are sad to have been informed that Babbazitt has passed away some time in 2017.
His music shall stay so we will remember the good times we had together.
On behalf of the wikiloops community - may you rest in peace, Babbazitt.



3 Templates 10 songs - different yet ....
Album 1
Album 2
Album 3
Album A
Album A1
Album A2
Album A3
Album A4
Album B1
Album B4
Mit der Ulo and Others......
Album B3
Album E1
Album E2
Album E3
Album F1
Album F2
Inner Brain Meanderings
Album F3
Album G2


  1. September 15 2016
    Pop jam feat. remix by Babbazitt on Mixer Track # 83827
    Roy Kuschel...R.I.P.....Remix


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February 4 1959

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