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  1. June 01 2018
    Electronic jam feat. remix by BuzzBomber on Vocals Track # 139167
    Philosophical Can O' Worms
  2. March 17 2018
    Rock jam feat. remix by BuzzBomber on Vocals Track # 132733
    My Super Power
  3. March 17 2018
    Rock jam feat. remix by BuzzBomber on Guitar Track # 132665
    Bang Bang Bang
  4. March 07 2018
    Pop jam feat. remix by BuzzBomber on Vocals Track # 131807
    Water Safety Love Song
    by Gone318 & BuzzBomber
  5. March 05 2018
    Electronic jam feat. remix by BuzzBomber on Vocals Track # 131641
  6. March 04 2018
    Rock jam feat. remix by BuzzBomber on Guitar Track # 131518
    Sliding Into the Pig Pen


My music is like a lump of poison candy. It makes some people sick, gets some people high, and the more you eat the more likely you may get addicted. Hard bubble-gum is what i'm going for.

I have always considered myself a Psychedelic-Blooze-Rock-N-Roller in a punk rock world. But after meeting GemmyF here on the 'Loops I think I may have always been a Prog-Rocker, and am starting to encompass a prog-pop sensibility. Blah blah

I typically write songs based on analogies. each song will usually have a $5 word in it & I swear a lot.

I have a limited skills set, but it is fundamental, and so can be applied to many situations. Listening to the other players, while we are playing, is my main tool. Bendy bendy bendy, is the second, and it all about listening too.

I used to be in bands. A string of really cool, really fun, progressively louder bands. I lived in several large cities, traveled around from "scene" to scene, putting bands together, and i LOVED it. Everywhere i went, my band became THE party band. We made a party happen, we brought that energy to the bar, we did tricks and told jokes, and made fun of popular culture, and sold A LOT of drinks. We had other (better) bands refuse to play after us, because our show was so fun. We played places where people HATED us and threw $#it at us. And we played places where we split the room. Half the people would say something like "you guys are my new favorite band, where have you been all my life?!" - the other half would dislike our act so much that they would say "#@ck this! I am leaving. NOW!" and file out of the club, leaving their drinks half finished on the table. My band would then jump offstage and drink those drinks. I would not trade a single experience! Provoking people emotionally is what art does.

Then i had kids. What is the difference between a pepperoni pizza and a rock musician? The pizza can feed a family of four. So i got a job - a really creative job, but it definitely cut into the band in general, and the near constant band partying, and its accompanying late mornings in particular. My band life faded, faded, faded.

So here i am almost two decades later, and i stumble across WikiLoops. There are a ton of great musicians here, and i get to jam with anyone, on anything who catches my fancy. I LOVE it, and it matches my available resources. This is awesome!

See you in the 'Loops!


Guitar, Vocals, harmonica, things i build, homemade percusion

Particullarly I play an old Gibson SG and the chinese fake Les Paul in my current(1 14 2018) avatar image

recording devices

Thinkpad laptop, old mackie 8 channel mixer, line 6 POD, old behringer u200 usb audio in. - it is shown in my current (1 14 2018) banner image above

i don;t use effects at all really. I just shake my stings like, all the time. I never just push down, i squeeze and shake 'em all.

If there's ever an obscene noise to be made on an instrument, it's gonna come out of a guitar! On a sax you can play sleaze, on a bass you can play balls. But on a guitar you can be truely obscene! -- Frank Zappa

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