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  1. April 05 2022
    Punk-Rock jam feat. remix by Certified-Nut on Guitar Track # 241625
    Still Angry
  2. March 28 2022
    Pop jam feat. remix by Certified-Nut on Keys & Guitar Track # 240970
    Jurel's Jamboree
    by Certified-Nut
  3. December 15 2021
    Rock jam feat. remix by Certified-Nut on Drums Track # 233267
    Benny Basher and his beater
    by Certified-Nut & Certified-Nut


Pathological procrastinator. Played in several bands ranging from pop, post-punk, punk rock to metal(ish). Currently predominantly a fierce bedroom warrior and—probably permanently—an aspiring multi-instrumentalist.


I mainly play them geetawrs. Been doing so, on and off, for some 30 odd years.

Harmony LP(ish)
Epiphone LP Plustop Pro
Yamaha Pacifica 1230s
Squier Bullet Strat
Gibson LP Standard
Fender Telecaster
Kramer Striker 600st
Cheapo Fazley Bass Guitar
HB Custom Line CLD-10SCE
Pearl Export kit

recording devices

Behringer UMC1820
Logic Pro X

User stats:

public Uploads: 36
Fans: (received thumbs)249
given thumbs: 276
written Comments: 117
Forum posts: 10
received Remixes: 43
total plays:23,134
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