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  1. March 22 2018
    Metal jam feat. remix by Chris-B on Bass Track # 133224
    The 50 years are here
  2. February 04 2018
    Metal jam feat. remix by Chris-B on Bass Track # 128896
    Not sorry for the noise.
  3. January 23 2018
    Metal jam feat. remix by Chris-B on Bass Track # 127810
    Lifs's Battleground revisited


First step :

I begun playing bass guitar in the late 80'. I was already "old" : 21.

Very quickly, I created a band (Rock cover) with my best friend but after some month, they trowed me away because of my lack of skills. I kept playing alone.

4 - 5 years practising.

Second step :

After having totally stopped playing for more than 10 years, I started again, but at a very very very bad moment of my life. I had bought my house and my son was born. I played for about 1 year in a Hard Rock band (compositions) near Liège (Bel). I had to stop again.

1 year practising.

Third step :

After that last 8 years without playing, I decided to start again. I followed some courses at the "Rock Academy", then I decided to play in a band again. I found Paul, located at Rochefort (Bel) and we started an adventure together. It was some alternative, progressive Rock. We stopped everything after 3 years because it is quite impossible to find other musiciens in that area. Bad luck.

So, I decided to keep playing alone, training my lacks of skills (and they are many !!!), and looking from time to time to find another band. No success till now.

4 years practising, and still going on !!!

PS : my apologies for my very poor English. I'm a french spoken guy.


My basses :

- Fender Deluxe Active P-Bass Special
- Ibanez SR 600
- Ibanez EXB 404
- Yamaha BB 404 F
- Cort GB45

recording devices

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB
Samplitude X
ESI nEar 5 Classic active monitors


August 13 1967

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