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  1. July 24 2016
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. remix by Coebecoe on Vocals Track # 78985
    Are you in my orbit?
    by Coebecoe
  2. December 30 2015
    Folk jam feat. remix by Coebecoe on Vocals Track # 59955
    Wait for a moment
    by Balfo & Coebecoe


I'm a a socialist journalist living in Boston. I have had a lifelong love of music, beginning with playing the piano as a child and appearing in high school, summer camp and community musical theatre.

My songwriting hero is Joni Mitchell, and I love a wide range of folk, rock jazz, traditional and indy music. So excited to come across WikiLoops!


I remember singing from the youngest age, and began piano lessons at about 8 with a Baldwin Acrosonic spinet that I still own. I aim to purchase a digital piano some time in the future.

Recently began taking piano/vocal lessons with the aim of developing my improvisation and songwriting skills.

recording devices

My recording "studio" is very primitive at this point: iMac, Radio Shack mic, Flips headphones, and MixPad. Not aiming for a professional career at this point but in collaborating with this community and maybe getting up courage to do some local open mics.


October 31 1953

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"Just a Basement hobbyist but the hours of entertainment wikiloops has brought me and my guitar rig are worth so much more than my (father of 2 little ones) butt can give! Thanks Wikiloops keep up the great work (all of you musicians as well!)."

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