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  1. March 15 2020
    Metal jam feat. remix by CrowzValle on Vocals Track # 184486
    ☠Westside🕸 act II
  2. January 14 2020
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by CrowzValle on Vocals Track # 180098
    A Most Welcome End
  3. January 02 2020
    Rock jam feat. remix by CrowzValle on Vocals Track # 179283
    Sinners and saints
    by Exmore & CrowzValle

Contact Information


I am a musician based out of Arizona I first picked up a Guitar 1983 and I've been performing on stage since 1992. I'm primarily a vocalist and frontman but I play guitar, bass and keys as well. around 1997 i was given the stage name of the Scarecrow,a representation of the dark side of mental illness that is afflicted with its own mental illness called Scarecrosis. The disease within the disease.Which basically means I act creepy on stage and say lots of scary stuff ....that remains my stage persona til this day. As well as my greatest form of therapy. I currently have 3 musical projects,Enigmatic Anomaly, Scarecrosis and Mourning Scar. I specialize in Melodic death metal/Melodic black metal and most other extreme forms. Although I am most assuredly not limited to just metal. I am an artist and musician first and a metal head second. I have been blessed enough to have had the honor of sharing the stage with most of my favorite bands over the last few decades. This is who I am.

I do not play music because I want to
I play because I have to......


BC Rich NJ Warlock
Jackson Dinky 7
Bugera 333 Infinium

recording devices

PreSonus 96 Audiobox
Studio One
Neural DSP plugins (Fortin Cali, NTS and Nameless suite )
STL Tohehub and Amphub
Ignite Emissary
Nalex ,Ninja
Audio Assault Hellbeast,Dominator , and Emperor
Toneforge Misha Mansoor
Trve Cab
Dieswitch drums
ML Studio Roots
...... And many more

User stats:

public Uploads: 18
Fans: (received thumbs)149
given thumbs: 67
written Comments: 60
Forum posts: 6
received Remixes: 4
total plays:2,328
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