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  1. January 18 2018
    Funk jam feat. remix by Cyphers on Drums Track # 127347
    Trippy funk-Cyphers drums
  2. January 18 2016
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by Cyphers on Drums Track # 62002
    Dreamstate +bass+drums
  3. January 14 2016
    Funk jam feat. remix by Cyphers on Bass Track # 61512
    Blue Berry Pie
  4. January 11 2016
    Rock jam feat. remix by Cyphers on Drums Track # 61339
    My 1st jam on Loops...

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I'm a Boeing test tech in Renton Wa. Been playing drums for 40+ yrs., guitar, bass and keys around 20 yrs. If I'm not at Boeing, I'm in my recording studio with all the bells and whistles. Keeps me out of


Drums, Guitar, Bass, keys


October 17 1962

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