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  1. September 26 2018
    Punk-Rock jam feat. remix by DClineBass on Bass Track # 147465
    An Accidental Named C
    by DClineBass
  2. September 17 2018
    Rock jam feat. remix by DClineBass on Bass Track # 146822
    Creepy & Eerie D Minor
    by DClineBass
  3. September 11 2018
    Rock jam feat. remix by DClineBass on Bass Track # 146371
    Mixolydian Funk Rock
    by DClineBass


A self-taught Musician(Bassist)
Skill level: Novice to Intermediate

Musical Influences: Any Genre


Bass, Guitar,

recording devices

Recording Interface: iRig HD2(old)
Recording pt2: Amplitube 4 recorder section w/ various virtual amp, cab, pedal, mic
Audio mixing & "mastering": MixPad Multitrack software

New: Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen
Monitors(single pair): AKAI Professional RPM3
DAW: Reaper


July 4 1993

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