1. July 19 2016
    Blues jam feat. remix by DaDumps on Saxophone Track # 78583
    Buttermilk and Brätwurst
    by Balfo & DaDumps
  2. July 01 2016
    Electronic jam feat. remix by DaDumps on Saxophone Track # 76989
    Kyrgyzstan street food
  3. January 18 2016
    Pop jam feat. remix by DaDumps on Saxophone Track # 61990
    long groove in Emin (sans beats)
    by kimbo & DaDumps
  4. January 07 2016
    World jam feat. remix by DaDumps on Saxophone Track # 60871
    El Porteño
  5. January 04 2016
    Jazz jam feat. remix by DaDumps on Saxophone Track # 60590
    Streetlight fog


This is a repository for tracks I love, but didn't want to post on my primary site and overload listeners. It's also and unloading of experiments and monstrosities to be ignominiously, lost on the loops. If you've found your way here and know who I am, please don't broadcast it. Keep the secret as it's also a bit of a musical/social experiment.


Saxophone, Sequencer, Clarinet

recording devices

Static electricity and spare parts.


September 1 1946

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