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  1. February 23 2021
    Blues jam feat. remix by Docjazz on Keys Track # 211582
    Babba's Blues Jam
  2. February 19 2021
    Blues jam feat. remix by Docjazz on Keys Track # 211273
    My Man Ain't Comin' Back No More
    by Docjazz
  3. February 18 2021
    Blues jam feat. remix by Docjazz on Keys Track # 211162
    Early Morning to Rush-Hour Blues
    by Docjazz


I run and play keys for a local jazz/blues band (keys, female vocals, guitarist, drummer spent 4 years with Tear Drop Explodes) - also arrange the band`s music (well find new music and sort the initial chords - we mainly jam based on those)
We set up just over a year ago, sorted about 50 songs and had our first main gig a couple of weeks before covid struck and all possible venues closed. About 4 weeks rehearsals since last March - very sad, but you've all got similar stories probably.
I play a Yamaha P45 stage kbd
Just got F L Studios 20 so aiming to create music that way.
Influences : everybody who has written/played good music of any type
Just love : creating and having fun.
One day I might tell you how music led to PTSD which virtually destroyed my memory and stopped me playing in front of anyone and how jazz/blues saved the day!


Yamaha P45 stage piano

recording devices

Just started using F L Studios 20 for writing/creating
ZOOM R16 16 track recorder
Allen & Heath ZED 10FX mixer but using F L Studios 20 from now on

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