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  1. July 27 2017
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by DrStrgeglv on Drums Track # 112239
    Don't Do It, SamHansen!
  2. July 25 2017
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by DrStrgeglv on Vocals Track # 112105
    Don't Do It! (unplugged!)
    by cody tripp & DrStrgeglv
  3. July 15 2017
    Pop jam feat. remix by DrStrgeglv on Vocals & Mixer Track # 111234
    Severed Life (Ernie440 & RP3drums)
    by Stella & DrStrgeglv
  4. May 07 2017
    Metal jam feat. remix by DrStrgeglv on Vocals Track # 105332
  5. March 11 2017
    Pop jam feat. remix by DrStrgeglv on Vocals Track # 100456
    Little star
    by hartmut & DrStrgeglv
  6. January 23 2017
    Folk jam feat. remix by DrStrgeglv on Drums Track # 96280
    Better Let'er
  7. December 31 2016
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by DrStrgeglv on Harp Track # 94205
    Dusty Treehouse
  8. December 24 2016
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by DrStrgeglv on Vocals & Harp Track # 93592
    Just a Single Kiss?
  9. December 14 2016
    Rock jam feat. remix by DrStrgeglv on Vocals & Guitar Track # 92619
    Jack T. Ripper
    by DrStrgeglv
  10. November 08 2016
    Metal jam feat. remix by DrStrgeglv on Bass, Keys & Guitar Track # 88956
    Haunted River
    by SamHansen & DrStrgeglv

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Hi kids!

This is my profile!
I should say straight away that I'm socially retarded, which means I have to try real hard to get along with other people on a personal level for longer than a few hours. It doesn't mean I'm not friendly or don't care for company, just that as an independent ("special"Wink thinker I have a tendency to neglect the emotional needs of others and therefore may seem "cold", "narcissistic" or "arrogant". In reality (LOL) I'm none of those things...(I guess). I do appreciate all the feedback and enjoy the positive constructive environment, but sometimes can't make time to participate in the necessary formalities required to remain welcome in social circles.
My goal is to create, choose, modify and influence a relatively small number of GREAT SONGS with the intention of producing undeniably delicious fruit for all to enjoy. To achieve that end, I have to focus obsessively on one project at a time. It sucks like work, but it's the only way I can prove the method itself. If I can solve the "Voynich Manuscript" this way (yes,I did), then we can sure as hell develop some great recordings through similar "disciplined" processes- it does become less fun, but more rewarding... doesn't it? ....does it? WTF???

My fake band name is "Dr. Strangeglove". I used to do vocals in Los Angeles area bands (mid to late '80s). Moved too many times to ever feel that experience in that light again.

Influenced by; Tool, Ozzy/Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Alcatrazz, Foreigner, Michael Jackson, Disturbed, Iron Maiden, ARNOSOLO, GemmyF, Major3rd, Egil, Ernie440, SamHansen... and YOU (don't be a puss)!

World class lyricist, awesome harmonica fluffer, decent keyboardist, adequate vocalist, and able to fake my way through simple guitar. Everything else (strings, drums, bass brass, etc.)is simulated on my E-mu E4XT sampler.

My best talent is lyrics writing and original song concepts. I can do this for anyone who asks. Just message me a track number and what you want, and I can give you words to sing! I can also make a translation from any language into English words which carry the originally intended message.

wikiloops member since Nov, 2016


Guitar, Keys, Harp, Vocals, Circular Saw, Piano- whatever.

recording devices

Tascam 2488 HD Recorder, Fostex DMT8-VL HD recorder, Fostex MR-8 CF (wav) recorder,

E-mu E4XT Sampler, Casio CTK-611 toy (midi) keyboard, Dean guitar, analog EQ and digitech effects stuff, talkbox, etc.

If not played or made by me, credit is always posted and permission granted for anything.


February 23 2017

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