1. June 14 2019
    Metal jam feat. remix by ERWAN on Cello Track # 165396
  2. June 12 2019
    Metal jam feat. remix by ERWAN on Drums Track # 165242
    by ERWAN & ERWAN
  3. June 12 2019
    Metal jam feat. remix by ERWAN on Cello Track # 165240
    by ERWAN

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Piano since 1966 (classical music study and evolution towards jazz)
Guitar since 1972 (pop then progressive rock), open tuning since 1976 (influence Rory GALLAGUER)
First folk guitar in 1978 and creation of an Irish music group
Bass since 1986 (double bass in a jazz band and then switching to the electric bass)
Discovery of the violin during the Army (1982), a catastrophic experience!
Back to the violin in 2000 following a traditional Irish music course

Multiple influences. I have never been able to choose between heavy metal and classical music, I have been dealing with this point for years with my psychoanalyst


Guitare_Acoustique, Guitare_Electrique, Basse, Violon_Electrique, Violoncelle, Piano

recording devices

PC dedicated to Mao
External sound card (PreSonus material)
Daw (Studio One producer)
An industrial quantity of cranksets (Roland, Boss, TC Helicon, line 6 pod ...)
A collection of VST (Products Nativ instrument)

And always a 6-pack with some good beers to keep the BPM !!


March 17 1959

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public Uploads: 217
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given thumbs: 847
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received Remixes: 206
total plays:187,758
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