1. May 02 2017
    Rock jam feat. remix by Funkystan on Vocals Track # 104925
    Political Revulsion
  2. April 30 2017
    Rock jam feat. remix by Funkystan on Vocals Track # 104753
    Can you hear them coming? (Voc add)
  3. April 29 2017
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by Funkystan on Vocals Track # 104629
    Tightrope Walker (Vocal add)
    by cody tripp & Funkystan


I used to play an compose with bands in the 90's
Guitars and vocals... Series of concerts, and in my 90's late playing years; studio recording projects...
I've totally stopped playing during 16 years for many (bad)reasons... As a baby comes home, you are not so far a guitar player and become the guy who makes noise during the naps... Etc...^^

Three years ago I decided to have a look at what was occuring to my guitars under the dust on top of the boxes...
It took me three years to grab back a guitar. January 2016...

I just feel like a time traveller waking up with a mix of efficient old and new toys...
Home digital multitracks recorder, wikiloops,etc... Woow!!

I'm keen on Funk or whatever as far as it sounds.

I live in Brest (France - Britanny)
I'm an architect


Guitar, Vocals, Bass...

Telecaster 62RI MIJ
Gibson Marauder 1976
Squier Jazz Bass (a Chinese one ^^)
Acoustic Corean folk guitar coming up from the 80's

Music Man 1979 212HD-130 Amp
Super tramp Trace Elliot Amp
HH 60 Bass Amp
Mesa Boogie V-Twin pré-amp
Wha Wha Cry-Baby pedal

Guitar... 10 years + 3
Vocals... Don't know^^
Bass guitar... 3 years ^^

recording devices

Recording stuff
CAD Equiteck E-200 Microphone
Boss BR-1600cd Multitracks recorder

I'm using a direct to disk multitrack recorder.
This is the easiest and intuitive configuration for me.
Plug and play...

I can't take the benefit of what that equipment could allow me to do, but I'm working on...

I record using both technics: Plugged in the Boss recorder using the boss amp simulators and effects and I record voices and amps using the CAD microphone.

I usually try to program some drums using "hydrogen" (free software...)


December 22 1969

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