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  1. July 22 2016Electronic jam feat. Geistbaum on bassTrack # 78823

    Harry's Tune- The old brigade

    StellaGeistbaumby Stella & Geistbaum
  2. July 21 2016Rock jam feat. Geistbaum on bassTrack # 78764

    Coyote Woman

    mpointonGeistbaumby mpointon & Geistbaum
  3. July 20 2016Metal jam feat. Geistbaum on bass & drumsTrack # 78679

    Mad Minute

    Geistbaumby Geistbaum
  4. July 13 2016World jam feat. Geistbaum playing fluteTrack # 78121

    Playing for Rain

    mpointonGeistbaumby mpointon & Geistbaum
  5. July 12 2016World jam feat. Geistbaum on bassTrack # 78051

    Bow Song

    Geistbaumby Geistbaum

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