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HoeKas showcase

  1. March 28 2016Rock jam feat. HoeKa on bassTrack # 68636

    Chikie from here dude

    KeitonRobMLenny CowlerjmrukkersHoeKa
  2. March 27 2016Rock jam feat. HoeKa on bassTrack # 68441

    Rockballade solo


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I'll try in English to introduce myself (with help from Mr.Google) 19. Dec. 2015

I would like to welcome all of you here by wikiloops

I am passionate about music since childhood already but a musical instrument to learn was I unfortunately never managed;
first school than professional; then founding family , build a larg house.......
Then I was at the age of 40 years and was requested to play a musical instrument is greater than ever,
I imagined to be a cool bassist in a band

I looked for a music teacher for bass-lesson; i never played any musicinstrument before and I had no idea;
the teacher taught me the basics, musictheory and much more---practice and work must itself
it was my calling to play the bass I had a great joy

After a while, I was 42 years old, I came to the first band and there was a renewed challenge
I was so happy, to play, to learn, to make music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I play in three different bands:
1. we play covers of The Beatles to Oasis until Reamon back to Tom Petty ..........
2. Heavey Covers from Black Sabbath to Metallica, Rainbow, Scorpions, Dio, Korn, Deep Purple ....;
3. Jimi Hendrix-Coverband

A Facebooklink show me the way to: WIKILOOPS
it is a superb site to learn new about all of musicplay


52 years young
i play basses from SANDBERG (jazz/preci), IBANEZ Artcore semiacoustic;

Amps from Ampeg-combo B-200R Rocketbass in my privat Musicroom, rehearsal room
PF-500-top and SVT-410HLF for gigs
H&K-combo BK200 rehearsal room
Yamaha-combo Stage Bass 120;
EBS-combo Session 60

Kork tuner
EBS Multicomp
MXR Chorus
Rodenberg overdrive/booster
Zoom B3 for recording

my absolut favoritband is Pink Floyd
Other I really like: Hendrix; Joe Bonamassa; Warren Haynes; Eric Clapton; and more more....
Blues, bluesrock and all other a types of blues/rock mixes i like it
all other typs of music with emotiones
i have a very extensive music preferences

I look forward to working will all concerned towards our common goal to make music
(a little backround vocal)
recording devices
in recordsituation i am inexperienced and i try:
Zoom B3
Peavey PV10-USB mixer as Intervace
mainly Audacity;
!!! please give me feedback and tips !!!
February 26 1964

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