1. September 10 2017
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. remix by JaggerJoe on Drums Track # 115778
    what happenend at the end
    by kennyadry & JaggerJoe
  2. April 08 2017
    Shuffle jam feat. remix by JaggerJoe on Drums Track # 102888
    Swing to the Rhythm

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i enjoy all spectrums of music but particularly Prog. I enjoy hearing new music probably the best. A new song to me is like a new adventure of sorts.. That's why I am grateful for this social sight, to be able to share what I have to offer with other people of other cultures and music creativeness.
My history is a bit of a rebirth. Being in my late 50's I only began playing again in fall of 2015. It was approx 20 years before, that I had last picked up a stick. Had some bad arm trouble while playing a lot back then and ended up selling my Rodgers Kit that I so regret today. Never thought I'd play again but then looked into the electronic drum kit. Not only can I play when ever any time of day or night but the close proximity of the triggers releived my arm issues . I stumbled across the loops and here I am.


Roland TK-25 / bongos

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Persounus audio interface and Studio One DAW

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