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Ethnicity - I'm 1/2 Danish, 3/8 German, 1/8 French. Born in southern California, USA.
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Employment - I'm trained as an in home support aide. I have a background in working with disabled children and adults.
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Working relationship - I work for Felix as his driver and aide, and accompany him to gigs he plays with the bands he is in.
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Interests - I love the jams. I'm here everyday checking out what is new and reading comments. smile.gif
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Family - I have one adult daughter.
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Education - I'm a college grad with a teaching credential (now expired). I am currently enrolled in an online paralegal course.
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Career - I would someday like to work for a non-profit organization.
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Musicianship - I am still a beginner in music! I'm not ready to upload any remixes yet. I'll let everyone know when I am, to be sure! smile.gif
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Bass and vocals, although I'm an untrained beginner at both. I play a few chords of acoustic guitar too.

recording devices

Garage Band, Alesis MultiMix 16 FireWire, M-Audio iControl.


January 30 1962

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