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  1. July 06 2020
    Funk jam feat. remix by JoSim on Keys Track # 193995
    So Think Good Thoughts !
  2. July 06 2020
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by JoSim on Keys Track # 193991
    Time to Live a Love Dream
    by ARNOSOLO & JoSim
  3. June 23 2020
    Funk jam feat. remix by JoSim on Drums & Bass Track # 193032
    Drum and Slap bass
    by JoSim

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Batterie, piano, métallophone, xylophone et percussions...

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Micros overhead Beh­ringer C-2 Ste­reoset + trigger ddrum.
Aucunes modifications enregistrement en direct en une seule prise.


August 5 1974

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