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My name is Tom. I've been on here since 2012 under the names of Cody Tripp, Jody Tripp & MajorTom_III.
Started playing guitar in 1968 when I bought Cream's Wheels Of Fire album and heard White Room. Went right across the street to my friend's house and traded 2 aquariums to him for his electric guitar. At first all I did was try to play like Hendrix. ha ha ha. I don't know how my parents didn't kill me cause it was horrible. After two years of that I started to get serious about my playing. I started playing in bands in 1976. It was mostly Christian rock, blues & a progressive rock\southern rock thing. My brother, who is an incredible guitarist, was in the band and we'd do 15 minute songs with guitar solos galore. Our plan was to sing the lyrics, keep them short and simple and to the point and then do 12 minute guitar solos. It was awesome. I gave up playing live back in 1982 when I had a panic attack on stage. Weirdest feeling ever. I couldn't even look at the audience. After experiencing that I said "no more". To this day I refuse to play in front of people. Don't know what caused it and probably never will. Gave up playing music completely a few years after that and for 19 years I did no music. I thought I'd never play or write music again. THEN my son gave me a Les Paul and I was hooked after playing it. Had to learn to play all over again which was VERY frustrating. But after a year or two I found Wikiloops and couldn't believe how awesome it was. Getting to play with fantastic musicians again was so much fun. Although the first 2 years on Wikiloops was very embarrassing when I listen to the stuff I did. That was some BAD music. But eventually wikiloops musicians made me a much better musician. All thanks to Dick for creating this site.


I play guitars, bass, sing, and program. I had quite a few guitars but when I moved to Mexico I only took two and gave all my pedals and guitars and bass to my son. He's an incredible guitar player but would rather play video games than record. I've picked up a couple of guitars here...Strat & PRS to go with my Gibson SG. I use Moze handmade acoustic guitars.

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Guitars plug into a Boss ME-80 multi effects pedal. That goes into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface. That goes into my Dell Laptop. I use Audacity to record. Everything goes through a Sansui 9090DB or Sansui G-6000 vintage stereo receiver and into JBL 4312 vintage studio monitors. I use a Blue Baby Bottle condenser mic and Bose 'quiet comfort' 25 headphones.

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