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  1. April 10 2017
    Pop jam feat. remix by Lone Wolff on Vocals Track # 103008
    Phone Zombie
  2. April 10 2017
    Pop jam feat. remix by Lone Wolff on Mixer Track # 103007
    Phone with Bone and Beat
    by Lone Wolff & Lone Wolff
  3. April 10 2017
    Pop jam feat. remix by Lone Wolff on Guitar Track # 103006
    Phone with a Bone
    by Lone Wolff


America Fender Stratocaster 2016, Takamine & Co 12 string acoustic 1988, Vantage Bass 1982, Fender Mustang Amps, Yamaha 100W Bass Amp 1982


Feel free to call me 'Lone'...

Returning to active playing after decades of inactivity. As shown in my pics I sang in a School Rock Band when Sgt Peppers reigned, juggling study and fun in the summer of '69.

My prime musical playing time was 1988 when I travelled the world lugging my 12 string acoustic (in the days when you could take it on planes as hand luggage). Lots of impromptu gigs at Youth Hostels.

Discovered Wikilpoops by accident March 2017 and hope to use it to get back to playing regularly. Historically a rhythm guitarist and singer as a youth. Having finally bought a Strat I am intending to master lead skills, whilst enjoying the journey.

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Mustang V2 plugged into GarageBand

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