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  1. May 08 2020
    Jazz jam feat. remix by LtlBearMtn on Guitar Track # 189519
    Jogue no menor
    by jjdf & LtlBearMtn
  2. May 07 2020
    Jazz jam feat. remix by LtlBearMtn on Guitar Track # 189431
    Carefree afternoon
  3. May 04 2020
    Folk jam feat. remix by LtlBearMtn on Dulcimer Track # 189255
    Mountain Dulcimer Diddy
    by LtlBearMtn
  4. May 03 2020
    Pop jam feat. remix by LtlBearMtn on Sequencer Track # 189200
    Child Of Hunger
    by LtlBearMtn
  5. April 13 2020
    Jazz jam feat. remix by LtlBearMtn on Bass Track # 187329
    searcher + bass
    by Filo974 & LtlBearMtn
  6. December 30 2017
    BossaNova jam feat. remix by LtlBearMtn on Bass Track # 125782
    More Fingers
    by kimbo & LtlBearMtn


Piano at 11, blues harp at 13, horns by 15, banjo and 12 String by 16 as folk music took center stage. Life, family, and career with music as the backdrop for the next 40 years now returning over the last 10 years to become a more constant companion.

Wrote the words to most of my songs when I was young and just now getting to understand them and actually learn to play them. With a voice like a gravel truck with bad brakes, I only dream of being able to sing them.

Never formally learned to play the various guitars that came my way over the years, just followed my fingers and tried not to get in their way, amused at what they came up with from time to time. Finding out now, through you fine folks how rewarding it is to follow others muse.

The banner is typical sunrise at the Little Bear Mountain Studio. The “Shep” logo on the right (I also know him as "the watcher"Wink goes back to the days of that first banjo and 12 string. The avatar conveys my belief that music needs to be shared.


Bass, Guitar, Banjo, Dulcimers, Autoharp, keyboards, and an assortment of hand drums, harmonicas, flutes, and other noise makers for visitors that didn't bring their own.

recording devices

Reaper connected to anything I can manage to wire up to it. I can have as much fun with the post-production process as I can in the playing.

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