1. November 03 2017
    BossaNova jam feat. remix by Lumy on acoustic Guitar Track # 120536
    Gypsy Bossa
    by gabriel289 & Lumy
  2. November 01 2017
    Jazz jam feat. remix by Lumy on Violin Track # 120309
    Just my 2 cents and a violin
    by Liesching & Lumy
  3. October 31 2017
    Folk jam feat. remix by Lumy on acoustic Guitar Track # 120282
    On The Atlantic Ocean


Hi all,
I play music since I was five; I've start with classic and folk but with age I discovered the wonderful world of jazz and blues, rock influenced from the 60s, favourite is the piano but I can't help myself when I see a guitar, I took violin classes for a few years back in the middle school and haven't played since but I intend to start again... Oh and some vocals, I like to sing as well some blues and jazzy stuff, still have the same neighbours since I was a child so it might be a good sign smile.gif
Because am quite new here I am still exploring for now, looking for Jams sessions and backing tracks, I realise that's a nice opportunity to make music and play with real musicians from all over the world...


Keys, Guitar, Violin,voice


February 1 1982

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