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  1. December 23 2015
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. remix by Marva on Vocals Track # 59187
    by Marva
  2. December 23 2015
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. remix by Marva on Vocals Track # 59173
    by FrankMil & Marva

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I'm a writer and singer. I also work with artists to develop their web presence.

I was a community radio and club dj for many years, musical influences inc Bowie, Nina Simone, Billy Holiday, Cream, Ruth Brown, Kate Bush, Patsy Cline, Count Basie, plus many others. Started singing doowop, barbershop, choral as a child with my sisters. Mostly sing acapella. Working on learning to sing with musicians but don't get out much to jams due to life stuff, hence my karaoke addiction, hehe

I'm working on my first collection of poetry to be published as a book and series of recordings. Having found Wikiloops, am thinking about the idea of doing the CD working only with Wikiloops backing tracks/musicians. Open to any suggestions as it would be a commercial project, and would be thrilled to create something that could share with supporting and promoting Wikiloops. Let me know if you read this and might be interested.

I host a monthly poetry night in Hay-on-Wye at Tomatitos from April to November.


I sing.
I recite poetry.
I would like to learn to play guitar and piano.
I long for a lovely stringed harp.

recording devices

Desktop computer, Windows 10, Audacity for editing and recording audio, Roland mic (need a new cable as it keeps cutting out), Xenyx302 USB


September 13 1958

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