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  1. June 21 2020
    Jazz jam feat. remix by Mauro_Clementi on Saxophone Track # 192921
    Narrow & deep valley (tema sample)
    by Mauro_Clementi & Mauro_Clementi
  2. June 21 2020
    Jazz jam feat. remix by Mauro_Clementi on Sequencer Track # 192919
    Narrow & deep valley (with drums)
    by Mauro_Clementi & Mauro_Clementi
  3. June 21 2020
    Jazz jam feat. remix by Mauro_Clementi on Guitar Track # 192914
    Narrow & deep valley
    by Mauro_Clementi


Long experienced but mostly open-minded musician.
Started 15 aged as a punk band guitarist until become a multi-generes composer.
I love, listen, play and compose about every kind of music, from classical to jazz, from ethnical to electronics, from funky to latin ... and more to come!
I was a software developer for many many years, but at present I prefere to consider myself a full-time musician.
Love reading and writing too, travel (when money allow me) and know people from all over the world.
I speak english, português, spanish and french (a little).


Guitar, bass, piano, violin, flute some ethnic instrument.
Home studio recording (DAW and scoring sw, many VSTi, microphones, effects and so on).

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