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  1. December 27 2021
    Electronic jam feat. remix by MikeB on Sequencer Track # 234113
    DJ Voiceover Bed (interplanetary)
    by MikeB
  2. December 23 2021
    Electronic jam feat. remix by MikeB on Keys Track # 233814
    Frozen Amber
    by MikeB
  3. December 15 2021
    Electronic jam feat. remix by MikeB on Sequencer & Keys Track # 233294
    Analog Ballad
    by MikeB
  4. December 06 2021
    Electronic jam feat. remix by MikeB on Sequencer & Keys Track # 232597
    Not Native to that Town
    by MikeB
  5. September 03 2021
    Electronic jam feat. remix by MikeB on Sequencer, Bass & Keys Track # 225602
    Ambient Analog Dub Space
    by MikeB
  6. July 04 2021
    Electronic jam feat. remix by MikeB on Percussion & Keys Track # 221634
    Okay, player B
    by gangophone & MikeB

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Glad I found this place. Spent much time this last year here (2021). Music has evolved. Had a practice routine and something resembling jazzy chops a few months ago. Those chops caved to serious thought about how much time I can devote to music and what I can do. I would describe the music I upload as experimental and electronic in nature, the closest 'genre' being electro-acoustic. I was more of a movie watcher growing up, therefore soundtracks influenced me more than I realize. The music recorded for wikiloops community is intended for strictly hobby use only.

Houston based. Very Big city. Suburban outskirts dweller. Music venues nearby: one metal club. (Not a metal player).
Lived around Texas for many years (better clubs in Austin). Living home town nowadays.

I’ve got an idea for pictogram based daw (that’s very few words delineated on the screen). As an ex-computer programmer, I may find some time in the future to work on this, given the right place and people. What may rise out of this could be a web page outlining an idea for
enthusiastic open source developers, as well as a few patents.

I'm on the lookout for folks interested in coding on the side. Projects include a 'loops style collab site aimed at biz heads that would use webdav shared folders with www interface for listening and comments. Also, a site aimed at shorter 'true' loops that would include webdav folder/www upload sytem as well as a remix style dj grid for listening to various loops at once. Interested, contact me.

During 2022, I hope to launch a portfolio blog web page collection. The blog will host music aimed at indie film and documentary producers
interested in lo-fi home produced music. I’ll be pulling tracks from wikiloops, and those tracks which contain remixes by others will be preserved somehow.

Sometime down the road, I’ve envisioned myself hitting the road with a travel trailer, recording music in state parks, and possibly meeting
up with other loopers for jams, recording, etc.

Radio was and is a big deal in my life. I DJ'd on a public radio station in Bryan, TX for a number of years. Nowadays, I listen to radio stations streaming on the net. Listened to thewordradio out of Belgium for many years. Listen to somafm. Currently, hooked on ambientradio.net. Bandcamp off and on.


Bass ukuleles (solid body electrics, fretless acoustic, fretted acoustic). Short scale jazz bass.
Full size digital piano. Various other midi keyboards.

Tenor and Baritone ukuleles. Guitar ukulele.
Jazzmaster guitar. Acoustic guitar (travel size).

recording devices

Mac notebook hooked up to 88 key fully weighted hammer action midi keyboard, 37 key mini keyboard,
soundbox, some midi controllers. iPad apps plugged into soundbox. Midi keyboard plugged into ipad.
Most of my contributions are computer generated. Using various daws and vst instruments for different activities.

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public Uploads: 455
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given thumbs: 393
written Comments: 146
Forum posts: 90
received Remixes: 88
total plays:46,084
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