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  1. September 26 2015
    Jazz jam feat. remix by Monika on Flute Track # 50854
    Waltz Well
  2. September 11 2015
    Classical jam feat. remix by Monika on Flute Track # 49511
    Fall in Eifel Park
    by ROBJOL & Monika
  3. June 19 2015
    Funk jam feat. remix by Monika on Bass Track # 43071
    just another smile


i started with a recorder at 5. later i studied piano, flute and learned a little guitar to acompany some singing. At 23 i started to play bass to enter the world of rock and improvisation. with the piano i always was classic bound.

the time i was bent to special genres is quite over, there's just music to me. Not that i can manage always properly, but i do give it a try whenever something comes my way. - So here i am, thx to Dick.


Bass, Flute, lil guitar, some singing, once upon a time piano

recording devices

for the start ZoomH4n (but having a greedy look at thommanpage) Shock

----- but now focusrite 2i2 with DAW ableton live lite. AmpliTube3 for Bass Grin


March 22 1967

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