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  1. February 29 2020
    Pop jam feat. remix by Murilo on Bass Track # 183351
    Garage Flow Bass
  2. February 26 2020
    Funk jam feat. remix by Murilo on Bass Track # 183192
    After Beach
    by Murilo
  3. February 09 2020
    HipHop jam feat. remix by Murilo on Bass Track # 181866
    Little Debbie bass
    by WhiteDrum55 & Murilo
  4. November 16 2019
    Funk jam feat. remix by Murilo on Bass Track # 176056
    It ain't over bass

Contact Information


I'm a bass player from Brasil, play mostly in church and with friends!



recording devices

Interface: UMC 404 BEHRINGER
Computer: PC
Daw: Reaper
Bass: Peavey Foundation 5 strings, SX (national) Jazz bass 4 strings
Pedal: Aguilar Tone Hammer pre amp (i use it sometimes)

User stats:

public Uploads: 25
Fans: (received thumbs)225
given thumbs: 55
written Comments: 56
Forum posts: 0
received Remixes: 69
total plays:10,991
the stageMurilos fans
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