First steps
London City Early Morning
You better run
Twothousandeighteen DUSK
10h of 19 Remaining
2020 - Stay Negative


  1. October 09 2021
    Pop jam feat. remix by Offfocus on Drums, Vocals & Keys Track # 228282
    Killjoy featt MrFish and Ernie
  2. August 01 2021
    Pop jam feat. remix by Offfocus on Vocals Track # 223475
    Sunday Morning Leisure Account
    by Offfocus & Offfocus
  3. June 08 2021
    Pop jam feat. remix by Offfocus on acoustic Guitar & Vocals Track # 219848
    Time can be your Friend
  4. May 23 2021
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by Offfocus on Vocals Track # 218600
    The Wet Cat
  5. January 24 2021
    HipHop jam feat. remix by Offfocus on Sequencer Track # 209036
    Pandemic Tranquilness
    by Offfocus
  6. December 19 2020
    Pop jam feat. remix by Offfocus on Vocals Track # 205876
    THE BUD (tt)
  7. September 12 2020
    HipHop jam feat. remix by Offfocus on Mixer Track # 198199
    Disregard! Mastered
  8. December 30 2019
    Jazz jam feat. remix by Offfocus on Guitar & Vocals Track # 179105
    Sweet Morning


Hmpf.. what shall I tell you?!?
Several hundred years ago I did jewish music, stopped for a while and restarted on folk stuff
Then "16 tons" came across and I tried..
Waited another couple of years and started to make music again.
On my own.. homerecording.. Nice - but yeah bit boring - you got only your own ideas..
Now I found YOU!!
this is geogious! Fun! New..

I thank you all so much for sharing your music.. this is really cool!


Nylon string guitar: Godin Multiac
Western Guitar: Takamine P5NC
e-Guitar: Godin xtSA
e-Guitar: Gibson Les Paul Studio
e-Drums: Roland V-drums TD 1K

recording devices

Yamaha Audiogram ag6
TC Helicon Voicelife 3 extreme
Mac / Logix Pro


May 30 1963

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