1. October 01 2019
    Rock jam feat. remix by Old Foxes on Mixer & Vocals Track # 172699
    Marcas del Pasado Signs of the Past
    by Old Foxes
  2. August 17 2019
    Rock jam feat. remix by Old Foxes on Vocals & Mixer Track # 169615
    Algun dia (someday)
    by Old Foxes
  3. August 14 2019
    Rock jam feat. remix by Old Foxes on Mixer & Vocals Track # 169408
    Imperfect Life
    by Old Foxes


Old Foxes is a group of friends, members of Wikiloops, An idea born by mrrockero, Demian, axenvocs, fblack, Ernie440 & ivax ...
The intention is none other than to continue promoting the basic and essential principle of friendship that unites us thanks to music ...
Actually a mixture of origins and cultures, different languages and countries,
a whole journey from Argentina,Chile, United States, Canada, and Spain .....

Old Foxes es un grupo de amigos,miembros de Wikiloops,Una idea nacida por mrrockero , Demian,axenvocs,fblack,Ernie440 & ivax...
La intención no es otra que seguir fomentando el principio básico y esencial de la amistad que nos une gracias a la musica...
En realidad una mezcla de orígenes y culturas ,diferentes Lenguas y Países ,
Todo un recorrido desde Argentina,Chile,Estados Unidos,Canadá,y España.....


Guitarras y Voz : Gary - axenvocs
Guitarras y voz : Xavi - ivax
Guitarras : Hugo - fblack
Teclados : Julio - mrrockero
Bajo : Ernie - Ernie440
Bateria y percusión : Demian- Demian

Guitars and Voice : Gary - axenvocs
Guitars and voice : Xavi - ivax
Guitars : Hugo - fblack
Keyboards : Julio - mrrockero
Bass : Ernie - Ernie440
Drums and percussion : Demian- Demian

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public Uploads: 3
Fans: (received thumbs)45
given thumbs: 6
written Comments: 3
Forum posts: 1
received Remixes: 2
total plays:577
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KMstar from United States

"It is amazing having friends from around the planet to work on music with. The most fun a muscian can have on the internet."

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