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  1. January 28 2015
    Rock jam feat. remix by Old_Mojo on Bass Track # 31998
  2. December 13 2014
    Jazz jam feat. remix by Old_Mojo on Bass Track # 29239
    Butterfly Child + Bass
  3. January 07 2012
    Jazz jam feat. remix by Old_Mojo on Bass Track # 2847
    P-bass muted with a piece of foam


Over 50 years stage and recording mostly blues, country, classic rock.
SRV, Josh Smith, Doug Seven, Willie Weeks
Retired educator, 8 grandkids, 5 gr-grandkids


Electric Bass, Guitar

recording devices

Sterling Ray5, Xavier P820 Tele, Alvarez AD60K, Alvarez AB60CE, Orange CR20RT, Fender Bassman 250 head, Bassman 1-15 cab, TS9 Tube Screamer, Wampler Euphoria OD, Donner Yellow Fall delay, MXR DynaComp, Boss JS8 eBand, Audacity on PC, mixer TBD.


September 11 1950

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