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  1. September 26 2022
    Jazz jam feat. remix by PatrickDA on Saxophone Track # 252753
    Kriterium Jam Again
  2. September 26 2022
    World jam feat. remix by PatrickDA on Saxophone Track # 252752
    Autumn comes early
  3. September 26 2022
    Jazz jam feat. remix by PatrickDA on Saxophone Track # 252751
    Still Cloudy


Retired Ecologist based in UK. Untutored but enthusiastic sax player. Can’t read music and play by ear. Started in the fifties playing Soprano in Dixieland band at school then a long gap with little to no playing before buying a second hand Yanigasawa T-6 Tenor in the 80’s playing old-style R&B. Did a few gigs in Finland and UK but now home based with a primitive recording setup trying to learn new stuff.

Very wide music influences from New Orleans Jazz (Sidney Bechet, Wlbur de Paris, Chris Barber, Humphrey Lyttleton) through old style R&B (Wilson Pickett et al) to 'modern' Jazz (Coleman Hawkins, Paul Desmond, Stan Getz) and World Music


I play saxophone and dabble with keyboards and guitar.
Gear:-Yanigasawa Tenor T-6 1979, mpc Otto Link 7*;Trevor James 'The Horn' Alto, mpc Yamaha 6C; Couesnon 1928 Soprano, mpc Yamaha 5C. Keyboards Korg N364 and Yamaha DJX. Guitar 1970’s Hamer and Crafter Acoustic.

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Recording Yamaha MT120S multitrack cassette and Audacity.

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