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  1. February 23 2019
    Rock jam feat. remix by PaulBOwens on Guitar Track # 158379
    Ship of Fools
  2. August 25 2018
    Blues jam feat. remix by PaulBOwens on Bass, Guitar & Keys Track # 145123
    City Blues
    by mpointon & PaulBOwens
  3. January 15 2017
    Rock jam feat. remix by PaulBOwens on Mixer Track # 95640
    Falling into Place (feat. Haffast)
    by PaulBOwens & PaulBOwens
  4. October 01 2016
    Rock jam feat. remix by PaulBOwens on Keys Track # 85257
    Careful with that Hammond Eugene
  5. October 30 2015
    Rock jam feat. remix by PaulBOwens on Guitar & Bass Track # 53898
    Brick In The......
    by PaulBOwens
  6. April 26 2015
    Electronic jam feat. remix by PaulBOwens on Guitar & Keys Track # 38592
    Tribute to Mark Knopfler
    by PaulBOwens


Made In Ireland
Model Year: 1964
What Was Number One when I Was born? US: The Beatles "I Want to Hold Your Hand" / UK The Searchers "Needles & Pins"
Guitars: LP Standard, Musicman Silhouette Special, Musicman Axis, Fender Strat, Jazz Bass
Amp: Blackstar HT100 / Marshall 1977 JMP 2204
Cab: Marshall 1936 (V30 loaded)
Talent Boosters: Ibanez TS808, Mooer Ninety Orange, Boss DD3, GE7, CE5, Phase 90 (74 Re-Issue), Dunlop Q-Zone
Keyboards: Kurzweil Digital, Roland VK8M Hammond Module, plus various virtual instruments
Recording gear: Kemper Profiler, Boss JS10,
Software: Reaper (transitioning from Samplitude as their online support truly sucks)
Influences: Gary Moore / Alan Murphy / Dave Gilmour / Mark Knopfler / Andy Summers

User stats:

public Uploads: 174
Fans: (received thumbs)2,358
given thumbs: 2,015
written Comments: 1,838
Forum posts: 20
received Remixes: 463
total plays:471,665
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