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  1. July 17 2020
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by Pavloz on Guitar Track # 194722
    Happy Loopers
    by Pavloz
  2. June 23 2020
    Rock jam feat. remix by Pavloz on Bass Track # 193075
    Upside Down
    by geebo & Pavloz
  3. June 13 2020
    Metal jam feat. remix by Pavloz on Bass & Guitar Track # 192275
    1000+1 Metal Nights
    by Neca & Pavloz

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All kinds of rock genres...
I used 2 play guitar since i was 14, but after 2013 i play Bass and I LOVE IT! Grin I use both fingers and pick, depending the song, i HATE Sad slapin' and i LOVE Wink overdrivin'.
I like playin' all kinds of Rock especially heavy rock and stoner and ALMOST all kinds of Metal.
Since the summer of 2014 i formed a band and after 4 years of changes and hard work, we managed to produce our 1st album (


I used to own a Behringer iAXE 624 USB Guitar - the riff machine - known as "Squicky Alice" / Stollen, an Ibanez GSR180-BK Bass - my 1st - known as "Little John" / Stollen and an Ibanez SRX360-BK - my main instrument - known as "Big Brother". I still own Big Brother, but now i have a Harley Benton P-bass and a Harley Benton S-guitar.

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Guitar Rig 5, Audacity and Cubase 5.


January 29 1971

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