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Peterpingos showcase

  1. December 01 2016Pop jam feat. Peterpingo Track # 91393

    Free Spirit (Drum.Bass.Guitar.-add)

  2. November 25 2016Unplugged jam feat. Peterpingo playing guitarTrack # 90768

    Hear Her Call.(Additional Acoustic)

    cody trippmoonchildPeterpingo
  3. November 19 2016Classical jam feat. Peterpingo playing guitarTrack # 90141

    For My Beloved Star (Ac.Guitar)

  4. October 25 2016Reggae jam feat. Peterpingo on guitarTrack # 87569

    Till The End (Guitar add)

    Marcelo Dkapone120Peterpingo
  5. October 21 2016Pop jam feat. Peterpingo on drums, acoustic guitar & bassTrack # 87174

    Home. By Robyn (Bass, Guitar,Drums)

  6. October 15 2016Pop jam feat. Peterpingo on vocals, guitar & keysTrack # 86626

    Where Everything Ends.

    Peterpingoby Peterpingo
  7. October 05 2016Pop jam feat. Peterpingo on bass & drumsTrack # 85600

    I Found You

    aleonzMarcelo DMarcelo DPeterpingo
  8. September 30 2016Pop jam feat. Peterpingo playing guitar, bass & keysTrack # 85155

    At The End Of The Day.

    Peterpingoby Peterpingo
  9. September 25 2016Pop jam feat. Peterpingo on guitarTrack # 84763

    Carry On. (Guitar-add).

  10. September 23 2016Rock jam feat. Peterpingo on guitarTrack # 84536

    How You Make Me Feel (Guitar)

  11. September 11 2016Unplugged jam feat. Peterpingo on bassTrack # 83455

    I Will Wait 4 U ( Bass )

    Marcelo DMarcelo DaleonzPeterpingo

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Hey. My name is Peter.
I started playing music when I was 8 years old (42 years ago) smile.gif
I played my first gig for an audience of 1000+ in an age of 11. Not that I was a wonderchild in any respect - Just a child that found playing for an audience a wonderful experience.Grin
I have a high school education with music as a "major".
Later educated music-teacher. I have been teaching music as well as danish, history and religion.
During my high school years and several years after I was in a Salsa big-band as a guitar player. I was playing in a lot of other band connections at that time though .Cool
My experiences are quite wide. I have played several kinds of music, rhythmic music though.
My musical careers has been a mix of playing in copy bands, bands with original material, some jobs as a studio musician and composing. Writing songs and a little "larger" arrangements for big bandsWink

Music has always been a very big part of my life in many ways. I have had a break for a longer period though. Because when you start a family and become a father for a child your time and your energy get focused on other things in life, and the contemplation it takes to play music with a true heart can be tough to establish along with the daily rutines.
But now I´m back. And I intend to stay this time.Wink
Guitar (El-Acoustic)
Keyboard, piano
recording devices
Focusrite Scarlett Solo,
Korg Triton LE,
Sunburst "Vintage model" Stratocaster
Squier Strat
Fernandez (old) Strat
handcrafted Strat
Jazz Bass,
Acoustic Fender Steel-string guitars
(Dean Markley Acc. Pickup)
Pick-up´ed Dreadnought
Roundback "Ovation"

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