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  1. February 24 2018
    BossaNova jam feat. remix by PierreOghi on Bass Track # 130673
    Sweet Surrender
  2. January 28 2018
    Electronic jam feat. remix by PierreOghi on Bass & Vocals Track # 128209
    Rhodes memories
  3. January 14 2018
    Dub jam feat. remix by PierreOghi on Sequencer Track # 127030
    DUB Stepper session
    by PierreOghi
  4. January 01 2018
    Rock jam feat. remix by PierreOghi on Bass & Keys Track # 126037
    Rocket Market
  5. December 03 2017
    World jam feat. remix by PierreOghi on Bass Track # 123212
    Indian Subber & Racibórz
    by pconey & PierreOghi
  6. November 01 2017
    Hip hop jam feat. remix by PierreOghi on Bass Track # 120324
    Keep Your Table Clean
    by Pawlik & PierreOghi
  7. July 26 2017
    Electronic jam feat. remix by PierreOghi on Mixer & Bass Track # 112155
    by woXey & PierreOghi

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I'm one of many music lovers who decided to spend his creative part of life with bass guitar on his shoulders.

I have my bass from couple of years but now I have possibility to spend some free nights with pulling my V strings... and I love it...

If someone is telling me that he can not recognize bassline in the track, but same time his bouncing or moving his leg to the rythm.... That's my point...

If I upload something, please feel free to review.

I know well that my skils are low, but I hope to pull them up countinusly...


Bass, Reason, Ableton

recording devices

ESP LTD B205 -> Lexicon Omega Studio -> Reaper on Mac


April 16 1983

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"I's lot of fun listening to music here and even much more fun adding own music to the wonderful tracks from the community. Therefore I'm supporter!"

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