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  1. April 01 2022
    Blues jam feat. remix by River19 on Drums Track # 241274
    Father & Son w/River19 on Drums
  2. March 22 2022
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by River19 on Drums Track # 240579
    The Invitation w/R19 on Drums
  3. March 12 2022
    Rock jam feat. remix by River19 on Drums Track # 239760
    Aligned w/River19 on Drums


Long time drummer (~40 years), from original bands and cover bands in my 20s to wedding bands in my 30s and 40s. Now enjoying technology while not schlepping gear at 3am from gigs.



recording devices

Presonus 1824c Interface to StudioOne.
Shure SM57s and Beta 52A along with RodeM5 Overheads

Kit 1 - Hendrix Drums Walnut Kit
Kit 2 - Tama Starclassic MIJ 100% Birch Kit
Various Zildjian K, K Cons, Avedis and Sabian HHX cymbals
A number of snares......Cherry, Walnut, Maple, etc.


June 10 1975

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