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  1. March 24 2019
    Jazz jam feat. remix by Telemetry on Vocals Track # 160407
    Try California Mit Vocal
    by Telemetry & Telemetry
  2. February 15 2019
    Jazz jam feat. remix by Telemetry on Keys & Drums Track # 157761
    Da Special
    by Telemetry
  3. November 22 2018
    Blues remix by Toshinho feat. Telemetry Track # 151568
    What I do wrong ?
  4. September 03 2016
    Jazz remix by HiFiFlutes feat. Telemetry Track # 82407
    What I Don't know 'bout love
  5. June 13 2016
    Blues remix by jmrukkers feat. Telemetry Track # 75569
    Warehouse Blues
  6. January 24 2016
    Blues remix by cody tripp feat. Telemetry Track # 62696
    Some One Else + solos
  7. August 24 2015
    Rock remix by kimbo feat. Telemetry Track # 48077
    gypsy's kiss
  8. May 18 2015
    Blues jam feat. remix by Telemetry on Vocals Track # 40332
    My turn 2 Cry
  9. March 09 2015
    Blues remix by Balfo feat. Telemetry Track # 34732
    Sure Did Her In



recording devices

Sterling, Cad, and many other mikes.
I use a computer loaded with sound forge for recording and editing. Isotope for mastering.


October 14 1946

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