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  1. September 04 2019
    Blues jam feat. remix by TheRealMonkeyboy on Bass Track # 170871
    Old School Cool...
  2. August 30 2019
    Metal jam feat. remix by TheRealMonkeyboy on Bass Track # 170507
    Moshin' wit da Messiah...
  3. August 20 2019
    Folk jam feat. remix by TheRealMonkeyboy on Bass Track # 169849
    Mali Oh Man


I am a 58 year old dude with a beautiful exotic wife and three young children (3,6,8)...
I stopped playing bass for a long time...Still I dragged around my last bass. A nineteen eighty something headless reproduction of the Steinberger. The Hondo Alien. I love this little bass. I'm 5'5'' @ best... 6'2'' with Dragon boots on, so it suits me well.


Hondo Alien Headless Bass (198?)

recording devices

Behringer 2x2 plugged into my Laptop... It's a Dell, dude...

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