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  1. March 22 2016
    Pop jam feat. remix by ToadCruncher on Drums Track # 68023
    Fallen Soldier
  2. November 26 2015
    Pop jam feat. remix by ToadCruncher on Harp Track # 56553
    A New Day
    by ROBJOL & ToadCruncher
  3. July 03 2015
    Pop jam feat. remix by ToadCruncher on Harp Track # 44207
    Sea Minor + Harp


Hohner Marine Band, Lee Oskar natural minor's and Bushman Harmonicas

recording devices

AudioBox USB, Green bullet harp mic,
SilverTone 1-12amp, Bassman 4-10amp

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public Uploads: 66
Fans: (received thumbs)1,034
given thumbs: 2,844
written Comments: 1,523
Forum posts: 80
received Remixes: 58
total plays:198,306
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