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  1. April 02 2018
    Funk jam feat. remix by Toshinho on Bass Track # 134341
    special sparkle
  2. March 26 2018
    Funk jam feat. remix by Toshinho on Guitar, Saxophone & Trumpet Track # 133691
    sweet sweet music
  3. February 08 2018
    Funk jam feat. remix by Toshinho on Cavaquinho Track # 129206
    Sun in box
  4. January 27 2018
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by Toshinho on Cavaquinho Track # 128079
    virtually virtuoso
  5. January 18 2018
    Pop jam feat. remix by Toshinho on Guitar Track # 127327
    Any day now
  6. December 09 2017
    Funk jam feat. remix by Toshinho on Guitar Track # 123736
    she'z a whole lotta fun
  7. November 21 2017
    Funk jam feat. remix by Toshinho on Guitar & Mixer Track # 122200
    Greater Height featuring Moonchild
  8. October 12 2017
    Jazz jam feat. remix by Toshinho on acoustic Guitar Track # 118479
    Jatuh Cinta


Hi ! My real name is Christophe Matusiak and I've been playing guitar since I was 16...self-taught .Music became my work for 20 years ago , playing with several bands or singers , being long time on the road....Now it's much calm . I'm working with a american bluesman called Cincinnati Slim and a french band called Pasha Disco Club (click the link above on youtube for the teaser of the band ! ).Between 2 gigs ,I'm looking after my two kids ... I like all kinds of groovy music and specialy Brazilian music (Samba , Choro , Foro ...).Made a journey in Rio in 2005 , big clap in my head.... And the Blues , music of truth....


Guitar : Ibanez Artist As 200Av "john Scofield" ; Fender Strat US ; Alhambra J-3/CW AB E5 ; Alhambra SC-3/CW a E5 ; Bass Yamaha BBN4 III ; Electric cavaquinho ( Brazilian luthier ) ; Acoustic cavaquinho Tonante ; Hammond Organ L-122 with Leslie cabin ; Bass amplifier Ampeg SVT-II ; Guitar amplifier Musicman 112 RP ; Harmonicas

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PC Win7 ; Audiobox 44VSL Presonus ; dbx 286s ; Avalon U5 ; Studio One Pro ; AKG C 535 EB ; KRK Rokit 5


March 15 1963

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