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  1. August 15 2022
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. remix by Woxbox on Guitar Track # 249997
    Cosmogenic Jelly
  2. May 05 2022
    Blues jam feat. remix by Woxbox on Bass Track # 243565
    Day After Bass Blues
    by StJray & Woxbox
  3. May 05 2022
    Blues jam feat. remix by Woxbox on Guitar Track # 243561
    Day After Blues
    by StJray & Woxbox


Born in England but grew up in States. Did garage band stuff in high school, after that just been messing around with the guitar at home -- studied jazz for a bit and classical for another bit. First love was the blues, but I've been listening to all sorts of music since.


Fender Telecaster '52 reissue, Fender "D'Aquisto" jazz box, Ibanez SD fretless bass, Fender Jaguar bass, Gibson CL-40 acoustic, Martin Humphreys classical. Vox VT100X and Ampeg BA-110 amps.

recording devices

Sure SM57 through Behringer U-Phoria mixer to Reaper software on a PC. Mackie speakers and AKG headphones for monitoring.


February 2 1951

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