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Waterval III
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  1. November 14 2019
    Electronic jam feat. remix by abuitremorem on Guitar Track # 175941
    Space tanzer
    by deezee & abuitremorem

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I am an amateur, retired and happy that I can learn in Wikiloops and implement my rather exotic ideas.
I use electric and acoustic guitars. My favorite SW is midi guitar. It turns the guitar into Midicontroler and generates midi data in real-time. This allows me to mix sounds with other instruments.


midiguitar SW

recording devices

Z00m uac-8/Soundcard. 320 kBit/s

I renounce Magix Samplitude Pro X4. I will not consider a DAW manufacturer that has more than one DAW on offer. I'm testing Cakewalk, later Reaper and Bitwig, also to break up my habits.

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