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  1. November 17 2017
    Rock jam feat. remix by akethesnaker on Drums Track # 121826
    by akethesnaker & akethesnaker
  2. November 17 2017
    Rock jam feat. remix by akethesnaker on Guitar Track # 121825
    by akethesnaker
  3. November 17 2017
    Rock jam feat. remix by akethesnaker on Guitar Track # 121824
    Rain on ice
    by wiseshanks & akethesnaker

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Grew up in Stockhom. Started to play around 8 years old but more regarly when I was 16. Was playing bass and guitar in some bands in the late 70`s-early 80`s. Grew up with Black Sabbath, Nazareth, Deep Purple, Budgie, Ten Years After, Frank Zappa with more. Gary Moore is probably my all time favorite if I must chose some but I have pretty broad tastesmile.gif

My partner Janice have been singing in a church rockband for 10 years in Chicago area. She`s also playing flute and piano.

We have both been singing in a Gospel choir. Right now I`m singing in a little group with 5 singers, guitar, piano. We are very expensive! We want a cup of coffe for playng at hospitals, older houses and things like that. The music goes wide from religios Elvis to Pavarotti. We practice once a week, coffe talk and have some funsmile.gif

Other hobbies.
I have been a pretty good hockey player without bragging. Have been playing with and against some who took the step over to NHL. Wasn`t bad in fotball either! All from my childhood remember my skating and hard shotssmile.gif Photo is some other hobby, I`m self learned there too like with anything else. Can not work after paper instructions. Have been working as a Carpenter, Truckdriver, Painter, almost heavy body work, I`m like a monkey without brain hahahaha.


Gibson Les Paul -56, Aria Pro PE1500 Masterpiece -81, ARIA LES PAUL 5522n, a Stratocaster, 12-string Ibanez, Washburn 6-string, some old nylon string and some more shit lol

I have a 100 w Simms-Watts Ike Isaacs amplifier who I got from a close friend, thankyou Leif!. Sounds pretty good, have never really used it to bother my neighbours:-) I also have an old Marshall 20 W who is easy to carry with you, but its the same with that one. My best sounding guitar amp is some old Thorn tube stereo who knocked my socks of!!!!! I can`t belive it! Sounds fantastic!!!!!
Purchased newly a ZOOM G5 multi effect and I must say it has everything I need. Good unit for the half price against some competitors who I can`t say anything about?

recording devices

PC with TC-Electronic Konnekt 24d firewire interface.
ZOOM G5 guitar multi effect
Rode Nt2a Michropone
Cubase 4 before but from now using Mixcraft 6 and I like it!Pfft


April 12 1960

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