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Critters in the Dark
Cloud Dreams
Cloud Dreams + Friends
Acrylic Sunset


  1. September 05 2020
    Electronic jam feat. remix by apsummerlin on Sequencer Track # 197790
    moon walk
    by apsummerlin
  2. August 16 2020
    Jazz jam feat. remix by apsummerlin on Drums, upright Bass & Keys Track # 196568
    Merlin's Jazz Club
    by apsummerlin
  3. August 13 2020
    World jam feat. remix by apsummerlin on Sequencer Track # 196396
    cloud walkers
    by apsummerlin
  4. February 14 2020
    Electronic jam feat. remix by apsummerlin on Drums, Keys & Sequencer Track # 182252
    Resonance Cascade
    by apsummerlin
  5. May 26 2019
    World jam feat. remix by apsummerlin on Drums, Sequencer & Sequencer Track # 164160
    The cloud ships of Antares 7
    by apsummerlin
  6. May 24 2019
    World jam feat. remix by apsummerlin on Drums & Sequencer Track # 164012
    Para-eL Universe
    by apsummerlin

Contact Information


Hi, I'm Alan (a.k.a. Merlin). I'm a software engineer by profession but have always loved music. I found WikiLoops like many of you, by searching for backing tracks to play guitar with, as I was getting back into music after a long hiatus.

I mainly enjoy 'classic rock' as that was the music of my youth. But I also enjoy electronic and experimental music and have gravitated towards making more of that style of music these days. I hope you find something here you like. Always feel free to join in. Experimentation is encouraged and perfection is not required, as long as you're having fun.


- 2014 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro
- 2011 MIM Finder Telecaster
- 1985 Aria Pro II (The Cat)
- 1983 Peavey T-60
- 1979 Generic Acoustic guitar
- Pedals: Behringer VD400, UC200, CS400, UM300, VP1
- Roland TR-8S
- Korg Minilogue Polysynth
- Korg Volca Beats
- Casio CTK-2080 Keyboard
- LP Bongos
Amplification :
- Line6 Spider IV 75

recording devices

- Zoom H2n
- Yamaha MG10XU
- Audacity on PC

User stats:

public Uploads: 562
Fans: (received thumbs)2,743
given thumbs: 4,216
written Comments: 1,063
Forum posts: 4
received Remixes: 391
total plays:226,020
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