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  1. September 13 2015
    Funk jam feat. remix by belzebass on Bass Track # 49628
    Disco octaves
  2. September 12 2015
    Funk jam feat. remix by belzebass on Bass Track # 49618
    Fusiony bass added
  3. February 03 2015
    Blues remix by jmrukkers feat. belzebass Track # 32393
    Country Style Blues
  4. July 23 2014
    Rock remix by millern52184 feat. belzebass Track # 21153
    Random Compromise
  5. July 05 2014
    Rock remix by Shi feat. belzebass Track # 20380
    Frankijazz,Danalye45,Belzebass+Shi Sunny Daze
  6. June 18 2014
    Reggae remix by Shi feat. belzebass Track # 19613
    Baer,Rich Belzebass+Shi vocal Invisible man
  7. January 28 2014
    Blues remix by Randell feat. belzebass Track # 14544
    Hey! Pretty Lady
  8. November 19 2013
    Funk jam feat. remix by belzebass on Bass Track # 12964
    Funkchrostyleeo with fuzzbass
  9. November 02 2013
    Metal jam feat. remix by belzebass on Bass Track # 12552
    Metal Jam Guitars Drums Bass



I discovered music (and bass) in my late twenties and never looked back. Since then, i've done different groups, and when I say different, different they were.
There as a rock-metal group, reggae, disco-funk and even a traditional african music group :-)

I love the concept of wikiloops! It's here you can play any style you want.

I'm open to collaborations or groups!



My main instrument is bass, by I can record a basic rhythm guitar or lay don a simple beat on drums.

recording devices

Bass:Stagg Jaguar bass in funky blue color, and Harley Benton 5 stringer, through a Zoom B1On pedal

A generic elctric guitar and an electronic drum kit too.

I use Audacity to record :-)

A basic setup but it works


February 19 1985

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