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Shades of Blue


  1. August 26 2017
    Blues jam feat. remix by davet on Guitar Track # 114647
    Those Tears, They're Like a River
  2. August 25 2017
    Blues jam feat. remix by davet on Guitar Track # 114591
    Midnight City Blues
  3. August 03 2016
    Pop jam feat. remix by davet on Guitar Track # 79917
    Raise Your Head UP


Some of my favourite guitar players.
Jeff Beck , Allan Holdsworth, Gary Moore, Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather, Dave Gilmour, Lee Ritenour, Joe Bonamassa, Ritchie Blackmore, Steve Morse, Frank Gambale, Jan Ackerman.Peter Green, Rory Gallagher, SRV and so on

All above plus Steely Dan, Queen, Free, Bad Company etc


Guitar, I own several strats, a les paul standard, a prs, an epihone casino, a few Japanese 1980's squires and a Vintage peter green les paul copy.
I use line 6 pod HD500, marshal avt 150, fender mustang v2 1&3.
My latest acquisition is a fabulous 1watt all valve Blackstar HT-1R which is a wonderful sounding amp.

recording devices

I use a line 6 xt live pedal into a laptop running audacity and use line 6 gear box to select tones etc.
I mostly use my 40th anniversary strat which is fitted with lace sensors.

I have a cunning technique for recording which is as follows. Play along with the track 4or5 times then record "live" in one take. This is not because I am a purist but because I don't know how to edit in Audacity..hence the mistakes on my tracks DOH!


February 22 1954

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