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  1. December 26 2016Country jam feat. frenzie on guitarTrack # 93770

    115 country miniature (blues?)

    frenzieby frenzie
  2. December 21 2016Blues jam feat. frenzie on guitarTrack # 93331

    xmass slide

    frenzieby frenzie
  3. November 24 2016Country jam feat. frenzie on guitar & drumsTrack # 90738

    101 country song

    frenzieby frenzie
  4. September 16 2016Unplugged jam feat. frenzie playing guitarTrack # 83901


    frenzieby frenzie
  5. August 24 2016Blues jam feat. frenzie on guitar & drumsTrack # 81624

    vintage progression blues

    frenzieby frenzie
  6. August 07 2016Blues jam feat. frenzie on guitar & drumsTrack # 80195

    Bminor tuning 50 blues

    frenzieby frenzie
  7. July 31 2016Blues jam feat. frenzie playing guitarTrack # 79585

    capo on 3 test

    frenzieby frenzie
  8. July 27 2016Blues jam feat. frenzie on guitarTrack # 79328

    slow slide spirutual

    frenzieby frenzie
  9. July 12 2016Blues jam feat. frenzie on guitar & drumsTrack # 78050

    pianobar blues

    frenzieby frenzie
  10. June 18 2016Blues jam feat. frenzie on drums, acoustic guitar & guitarTrack # 75996

    honkey tonk st louize blues

    frenzieby frenzie
  11. June 17 2016Blues jam feat. frenzie playing guitarTrack # 75908

    Honey rider blues

    frenzieby frenzie


I love (hard)rock, blues, pop, country
My background is hardrock but I like to play blues here on wikiloops also might try different stuff since I found out how great it is to play here on wikiloops

If you are in interested in collaboration on a song do send me a message I love that kind of partnership projects!

I am quite impressed in the level of musical talent here on wikiloops and the friendly inspiration the people here give you thanx loopers!

Musical heroes from muddy waters till hendrix from sabbath till acdc, stones al the great heroes... also like female singers like patsy cline or etta james, dolly Parton it's all good.
heavy or soft music doesn't mind to me as long as the music sounds good to me I am more of a melody than a rhythm type player thightness is not my strongest suit neither is there is always a bit rough around my edges Pfft
Guitar, acousitc guitar

Les Paul
Fender strat
acoustic guitar

marhalltype plexi

or direct > guitar rig
recording devices
cubase, guitar rig,
September 16 1972

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