The Love Songs -Part 1


  1. January 29 2016
    Pop jam feat. remix by glennp on Vocals Track # 63152
  2. August 23 2015
    Rock jam feat. remix by glennp on Vocals Track # 48016
    Why Do I Even Bother
    by MajorTom_III & glennp
  3. September 24 2014
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by glennp on Vocals Track # 24463
    Nothing Without You
  4. September 19 2014
    Pop jam feat. remix by glennp on Vocals Track # 24191
    I Don't Know Why


I look forward to being part of the jam!

I guess I am mainly a vocalist and lyric writer. I enjoy taking a track with some structure and developing the vocal phrasing and lyrics to get as close to a completed song as possible.


Vocals | Lyrics | Bass Guitar

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